Mobile Tech 22 at Knoxville Details

Mobile Tech 22 at Knoxville Details

This Saturday night, September 14th, the Malvern Bank SLMR Series will make its 2nd ever visit to the famed Knoxville Raceway for the Mobile Tech 22. Last year Tad Pospisil held off a hard charging Kyle Berck at the line to score the thrilling inaugural Mobile Tech 22 victory and one of the biggest victories of his career. Pospisil and Berck have both earned their way back to Knoxville and help headline the stout list of drivers that will be eligible to run for the $4,000 to-win invite only event, one of the biggest and most prestigious races on the 2019 MBSLMR campaign.


The 32 drivers on the entry list and ready to compete for the $4,000 to-win pay day include:

               Jeff Aikey                            Justin Kay                           Ben Schaller

               Robbie Andersen              Andrew Kosiski                 Curt Schroeder

               Kyle Berck                          Brian Kosiski                      Chad Simpson

               Tyler Bruening                   Josh Krug                            Chris Spieker

               Paul Conrad                       Bill Leighton Jr                  Ricky Thornton Jr

               Darrell DeFrance              Josh Leonard                     Jason Wallace

               Andy Eckrich                      Charlie McKenna              Scott Ward

               Ryan Griffith                      Jason O’Brien                    JC Wyman

               Jason Hahne                      Brad Perdue                       Corey Zeitner

               Allan Hopp                         Tad Pospisil                        Zach Zeitner

               Jay Johnson                       Jason Rauen                     


Event Purse:

  1. $4,000                            9. $700                                17. $530                             25. $450
  2. $2,000                          10. $675                                18. $520                             26. $440
  3. $1,500                           11. $650                                19. $510                              27. $430
  4. $1,200                           12. $625                               20. $500                             28. $420
  5. $1,000                           13. $600                               21. $490                             29. $410
  6. $900                              14. $575                               22. $480                             30. $400
  7. $800                              15. $550                             23. $470                             31. $400
  8. $750                               16. $540                             24. $460                             32. $400


This year drivers will be allowed to compete in both the Lucas Oil Late Model Series and the Malvern Bank SLMR Series shows, but you must run two cars. Running the same car for both classes will not be permitted. We will use our normal Malvern Bank Series rules. Series rules are on our website ( underneath the ‘Driver Info’ tab and ‘Rules’ page; Siping of front tires ONLY, NO Grooving (Rule 13-3). No siping or grooving on rear tires will be allowed. Race format we will be qualifying. Gear changes will be allowed after hot laps in the hot pit area while the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series’ C Feature cars hot lap. If you are not done with your changes before your qualifying attempt, no time will be recorded or allowed. Qualifying order will be determined by draw at pit meeting. Qualifying will be used to line up the heat races. Top 6 cars in each heat race will be inverted based on time trials. There will be 2 heats with 24 or less entries, 25 or more entries will result in 3 heats. Heat races will be 8 laps. There will be no passing points for the heat races, we will use the Knoxville Nationals style point system that rewards finish position. All cars will advance straight from the heat races into the $4,000 to-win, 22-lap main event. Total points will determine starting line-up for the feature. Ties in points will be broken by qualifying time. The high points earner will flip a coin to determine top four starting spots. Heads, heads up start. Tails, top 4 invert.

Point system are as follows:        Time trials, 1st. 200, 2nd. 197, 3rd. 194, 4th. 191, etc. decreasing by 3.

                                                            Heat races, 1st. 150, 2nd. 144.7, 3rd. 139.4, 4th. 134.1, etc. decreasing by 5.3.



Schedule of Events
16th Annual Lucas Oil “Late Model Knoxville Nationals”- presented by Casey’s General Stores
Knoxville Raceway – Knoxville, IA

Saturday, September 14, 2019

10:00 AM Infield Open to Spectators
12:00 PM Celebrity Auction at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum
12:00 PM Exposition Opens

2:30 PM Pit Sign-In Opens
3:00 PM Driver Autographs in Dyer Hudson Hall (Pits Closed to Spectators)

****4:30 PM Last track crossing, please arrive and park at the track before 4:30
****5:30 PM Malvern Bank SLMR Drivers Meeting MANDATORY!

6:00 PM Drivers Meeting

6:45 PM  Hot Laps

****Malvern Bank SLMR Hot Laps
C Main Hot Laps

****Malvern Bank SLMR Time Trials; 5, 6-car sessions

7:15 PM  Invocation and National Anthem

Award Hoker Trucking Pole Award in Victory Lane
B Main Hot Laps
****Malvern Bank SLMR Heat Races – 8 Laps – (All transfer to A) 24 cars, 2 heats – 25+ cars, 3 heats
C Main – 15 Laps – (4 Transfer to B)

A Main Hot Laps
B Main – 20 Laps – (6 Transfer to A)

****Malvern Bank SLMR A Main – (22 Laps) Mobile Tech 22

Intermission – LOLMS Cars to Front Straight in order of start
Driver Introductions – Victory Lane – Last to First
Lucas Oil Late Model Knoxville Nationals A Main – 100 Laps, Top 3 to Victory Lane


DRIVERS!!! Infield Parking:

You will not be able to pull into the pits until Friday night after the races. They will have members of their track staff parking people that will direct you where to go. The last track crossing Saturday afternoon will be at 4:30 so be there and parked before that!

When pulling into the track please turn on W Larson St and follow to the first left turn passed Pizza Hut and follow that road around the back side of the track. The pit shack is underneath the grandstands at the exit of turn four. You will not be able to use any other road to enter the track. You must follow the yellow highlighted road. Please note, all stackers, tall trailers, and toters need to park in the middle which is designated for long trailers. Pick-ups with short enclosed trailers of average height need to be parked in the very back against the fence on the backstretch.


Pre-Event Registration Is Now Open!Click Here
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