Junction Motor Speedway, reschedule from July 28th

Junction Motor Speedway, reschedule from July 28th

Malvern Bank Series Make-up at the Junction Motor Speedway

The procedure for making up the rained-out July 28 Malvern Bank Series feature at the Junction Motor Speedway will be as follows on August 25 when the series makes their next stop at the Junction.

First, the series will run the August 25 portion of the show, hot laps, qualifying (if possible), heats, B Feature and the $3,000 to win feature in the normal order with the Malvern Bank feature going off third or fourth. After the August 25 portion of the program is complete (for both Malvern Bank and Junction Motor Speedway regular classes) we will run the rained-out July 28 feature. Since we are running a complete program prior to the make-up feature.  Back-up cars WILL BE ALLOWED for the second feature only.

All feature positions (for the July 28th feature) are set from seventh place to 20th place (top six will be inverted based off the $3,000 to win August 25th results). The Saturday, August 18 Adams County feature inversion will be based off the Crawford County results.


Feature Line-Up for the $2,000 to-win make up race.

Row 1: Paul Glendenning – Corey Zeitner

Row 2: Brian Kosiski – Kyle Berck

Row 3: Ben Schaller – Rece Vaught

Row 4: Brad Perdue – Scott Daly

Row 5: Bill Leighton Jr – Zach Zeitner

Row 6: Josh Krug – Micah Veleba

Row 7: Jim Johnson – Tad Pospisil

Row 8: Andrew Kosiski – Jason Wallace

Row 9: Matt Buller – Mike Wallace

Row 10: Jason O’Brien – Bob Milander

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