Follow up to Fall Brawl

Follow up to Fall Brawl

After further review of the incident that happened on the last lap of the Super Series Race at I80 Speedway on Saturday Sept. 19th.  And with regards to the way we have handled incidents like this in the past (i.e. Butler County & Park Jefferson in previous years) Josh Krug will be awarded the points and pay of second place and Corey Zeitner will be awarded the points and pay for first place.  Had Corey Zeitner fallen back to 5th position for example, Josh would have been awarded pay and points of 6th and so on and so forth.  For recording purposes the win will still be recorded under Josh Krug.  Slide jobs are a part of racing and acceptable when they are done clean and do not tear up cars.  This series is very important to us and we feel it has grown tremendously in the past few years, we want it to be successful and we will not tolerate rough driving or the race shows to turn into a slam fest.  We believe this is setting precedence going forward and anticipate clean racing and behavior from all drivers and crew. With that being said there is no way possible every move on the track can be seen by the series officials and sometimes we may not make the most pleasing call however when possible we try to do the drivers justice when we have the ability to.  See you all next Saturday at Park Jefferson for the $2000 to win Super Series Race.


Joe Kosiski

SLMR Series Management

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