Bruening Bags 2nd MBSLMR Win

Bruening Bags 2nd MBSLMR Win

After nearly a month off Mother Nature finally allowed the MBSLMR Series to get a race in. The series headed to the I-80 Speedway on Friday, May 31st for the longest race in series history; a 40-lap main event paying $4,000 to-win. This race was recently added to the schedule to make up for some of the cancellations.

To get the night started Kyle Berck posted quick time in time trials, laying down a lap of 17.986. In the overall results of time trials Berck led the way, Tyler Bruening 2nd, Tad Pospisil 3rd, Nick Deal 4th, and Brian Kosiski rounded out the top 5.

The 4 heat races were won by Nick Deal, Andrew Kosiski, Josh Leonard, and Blair Nothdurft. Allan Hopp and Josh Krug picked up the B-Feature wins.

For the 40 lapper Andrew Kosiski and Nick Deal led the field to the green flag. Deal jumped out to the early lead while Tyler Bruening grabbed 2nd as Andrew Kosiski slipped to 3rd. The first of two yellows flew early as Zach Zeitner went for a spin in turn 2 on lap 2.

Deal led the field back to green. While Deal and Bruening checked out from the field Corey Zeitner and Andrew Kosiski battled hard for the 3rd spot with Tad Pospisil, Bill Leighton Jr, and Kyle Berck all close behind. Kosiski would prevail in the battle securing the 3rd spot while Corey Zeitner would drop the 4th spot to Tad Pospisil. As Deal and Bruening began to work lap traffic Bruening began slowly reeling in the 55D machine of Deal. Bruening and Deal would trade the lead and battle hard for a few laps before Deal fully surrendered the lead to Tyler Bruening. The yellow flag would fly again on lap 28 as Josh Krug had gotten into the wall in turn 3 and 4 and spun down the track collecting Andrew Kosiski who was third at the time.

Decorah, Iowa’s Tyler Bruening led the field back to the green flag for a 12-lap sprint for the $4,000 payday. While Bruening and Nick Deal once again set sail, Ben Schaller jumped to third after restarting eighth, Schaller powered past Leighton, Berck, Corey Zeitner, and Pospisil. Leighton and Pospisil were able to get back past the 98 of Schaller just before the checkered flag waved on the 40-lap main event. When it was all said and done, it was Tyler Bruening in his #16 Capital Chassis finding victory lane. Bruening was followed to the line by Nick Deal, Bill Leighton, Tad Pospisil and Ben Schaller.



Qualifying Group A: 1. Nick Deal, 2. Andrew Kosiski, 3. Ben Schaller, 4. Corey Zeitner, 5. Jason O’Brien, 6. Rece Vaught, 7. Jason Wallace, 8. Zach Zeitner, 9. Ben Sukup, 10. Robbie Andersen, 11. Josh Krug, 12. Josh Poe, 13. Matt Snoberger, 14. Curt Schroder, 15. Brad Perdue, 16. Jeff Segebart, 17. Nate Beyenhof, 18. Travis Paulson, 19. Steve McConnell

Qualifying Group B: 1. Kyle Berck, 2. Tyler Bruening, 3. Tad Pospisil, 4. Brian Kosiski, 5. Dylan Smith, 6. Allan Hopp, 7. Bill Leighton Jr, 8. Scott Ward, 9. Josh Leonard, 10. Blair Nothdurft, 11. Troy Daly, 12. Scott Carlson, 13. Paul Conrad, 14. Tyler Smith, 15. John Anderson, 16. Jesse Kroger, 17. Micah Brown, 18. Kale Kosiski, 19. Gary Brown Jr, 20. Andy Claiborne

Speedway Motors Heat Race #1: 1. Nick Deal, 2. Ben Sukup, 3. Jason O’Brien, 4. Josh Krug, 5. Ben Schaller, 6. Jason Wallace, 7. Nate Beyenhof, 8. Brad Perdue, 9. Matt Snoberger, 10. Steve McConnell

Keyser Manufacturing Heat Race #2: 1. Andrew Kosiski, 2. Corey Zeitner, 3. Robbie Andersen, 4. Josh Poe, 5. Zach Zeitner, 6. Jeff Segebart, 7. Rece Vaught, 8. Curt Schroder, 9. Travis Paulson

Roth Racing Heat Race #3: 1. Josh Leonard, 2. Bill Leighton Jr, 3. Kyle Berck, 4. Tad Pospisil, 5. Dylan Smith, 6. Troy Daly, 7. John Anderson, 8. Micah Brown, 9. Paul Conrad, 10. Gary Brown Jr

Kosiski Auto Parts Heat Race #4: 1. Blair Nothdurft, 2. Scott Ward, 3. Tyler Bruening, 4. Scott Carlson, 5. Brian Kosiski, 6. Allan Hopp, 7. Tyler Smith, 8. Kale Kosiski, 9. Jesse Kroger, 10. Andy Claiborne

B-Feature #1: 1. Allan Hopp, 2. Dylan Smith, 3. John Anderson, 4. Rece Vaught, 5. Jason Wallace, 6. Josh Poe, 7. Brad Perdue, 8. Paul Conrad, 9. Micah Brown, 10. Tyler Smith, 11. Andy Claiborne, 12. Kale Kosiski, 13. Gary Brown Jr.

B-Feature #2: 1. Josh Krug, 2. Zach Zeitner, 3. Robbie Andersen, 4. Nate Beyenhof, 5. Troy Daly, 6. Curt Schroder, 7. Jeff Segebart, 8. Travis Paulson, 9. Jesse Kroger, 10. Matt Snoberger, 11. Steve McConnell, 12. Scott Carlson

A-Feature: 1. Tyler Bruening, 2. Nick Deal, 3. Bill Leighton Jr, 4. Tad Pospisil, 5. Ben Schaller, 6. Scott Ward, 7. Kyle Berck, 8. Jason O’Brien, 9. Josh Leonard, 10. Corey Zeitner, 11. Allan Hopp, 12. Brian Kosiski, 13. Dylan Smith, 14. Ben Sukup, 15. Nate Beyenhof, 16. Brad Perdue, 17. Curt Schroeder, 18. Zach Zeitner, 19. Robbie Andersen, 20. John Anderson, 21. Andrew Kosiski, 22. Josh Krug, 23. Blair Nothdurft, 24. Rece Vaught


Contingency Awards:

Speedway Motors Heat Race #1: Nick Deal

Keyser Manufacturing Heat Race #2: Andrew Kosiski

Roth Racing Heat Race #3: Josh Leonard

Kosiski Auto Parts Heat Race #4: Blair Nothdurft

Hoosier Tire Hard Charger: Ben Schaller

VP Fuels Top Qualifier: Nick Deal

Dynamic Drivelines Hard Luck Award: Andrew Kosiski

Sardeson Racing Worst Draw: Troy Daly

Speedway Motors Back-Up Award: Corey Zeitner

Keizer Wheels Last Man In: Brian Kosiski

Wehrs Machine A Feature Pole Sitter: Andrew Kosiski

Predator Trailers B Feature King: Allan Hopp

Hooker Harness 5th Place: Ben Schaller

Out Pace Products 7th Place: Kyle Berck

Simpson Performance Products 8th Place: Jason O’Brien

Braswell Carburetion 10th Place: Corey Zeitner

Brinn Transmission 12th Place: Brian Kosiski

Penske Top 3 Finishers: Nick Deal, Bill Leighton Jr, Tad Pospisil

Rod End Supply Lap Leaders: Nick Deal



Top 10 in Series Standings following I-80 Speedway on May 31st:


# Driver Hometown Points


55D Nick Deal Walnut, Iowa



14 Kyle Berck Marquette, Nebraska



1 Josh Leonard Gibbon, Nebraska



24 Bill Leighton Jr LaVista, Nebraska



98 Ben Schaller Omaha, Nebraska



19 Corey Zeitner Omaha, Nebraska



15 Jason O’Brien Atlantic, Iowa 396


52 Brian Kosiski Omaha, Nebraska


9 16 Tyler Bruening Decorah, Iowa


10 53 Andrew Kosiski LaVista, Nebraska



Series Sponsors: Beyea Headers, Braswell Carburetion, Brinn Transmissions, Dynamic Drivelines, Helmet Head Design, Hooker Harness, Hoosier Tire, JE Pistons, Keizer Wheels, Keyser Manufacturing, Kosiski Auto Parts, Malvern Bank, My Race Pass, N&W Transfer, Out-Pace Products, Penske Racing Shocks, Performance Bodies, Predator Trailers, Real Wheels, Rod End Supply, Roth Racing, Sardeson Racing, Simpson Performance Products, Speedway Motors, Storm Solution Specialists, Swartz Chassis, VP Fuels, Wehrs Machine, and Zeitner and Sons Trucking.

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