2019 Contingency Sponsors

2019 Contingency Sponsors

You must be a Malvern Bank SLMR Series Member to be eligible for any series sponsor bonuses. The Malvern Bank SLMR series will have mandatory and optional series sponsor decals that will need to be on each car. The optional decals are product sponsors that if the decal is not on the car, they will not be eligible for that sponsors nightly or year-end certificates, cash, prizes, or bonuses. If the decal is on the car, they will be eligible.


Year-end bonuses and point fund.

1st – $5,000, Championship safe and jacket, $1,500 off a Swartz Chassis, & JE Pistons certificate $500

2nd – $4,000, Braswell certificate $1,400 & One Barrel of VP Fuel

3rd – $3,500, Performance Bodies Nose & Penske Shocks certificate $500

4th – $3,000, One Barrel of VP Fuel

5th – $2,500, Brinn Transmission certificate $600

6th – $2,000, JE Pistons certificate $500

7th – $1,800, JE Pistons certificate $500

8th – $1,600, JE Pistons certificate $500

9th – $1,400, JE Pistons certificate $500

10th – $1,300, Beyea Headers certificate $500

11th – $1,200, Performance Bodies Nose & VP Certificate $100

12th – $1,150, Beyea Headers certificate $250

13th – $1,100, VP Fuel certificate $100

14th – $1,050, Beyea Headers certificate $100

15th – $1,025, VP Fuel certificate $100

16th – $1,000


$1,000 Hoosier Tire Hard Charger Award to whoever passes the most cars in feature points races.


$1,500 Storm Solution Specialists Bill Wrich Memorial Rookie of the Year Award


The mandatory decals for 2019 Series Members include; The Malvern Bank SLMR series decal must go on the outsides of the outer-most spoiler braces on all cars, Malvern Bank (the words ‘Malvern Bank’ must be on the bottom of the sail panels, directly behind the driver. This logo can be colored to match the color of your car/wrap but must be distinct and legible), Speedway Motors (*New Logo), Hoosier Tire, Predator Trailers, VP Racing Fuels, Keyser Manufacturing, JE Pistons, and Helmet Head Design.

  • Speedway Motors: $100 Speedway Motors certificate given to the heat race 1 winner
  • Speedway Motors: $100 Speedway Motors certificate to the A-Feature back-up award
  • Hoosier Tire: WRS-55 Tire nightly to the hard charger in the A-Feature plus year-end award
  • Predator Trailers: $100 nightly to the Predator Trailers B-Feature King
  • VP Fuels: $100 VP certificate to the top qualifier each night plus 5 year-end awards
  • Keyser Manufacturing: $100 Keyser Manufacturing certificate given to the heat race 2 winner
  • JE Pistons: $500 off a set of JE Pistons to the SDN SLMR winner and 5 year-end awards
  • Helmet Head Design: Two custom helmet paint jobs given away by random drawing

*All series rookies must run the Storm Solution Specialists logo, this is mandatory for all rookies.


Optional decals. If these decals aren’t on the car the driver won’t be eligible for any of the missing decal(s) sponsor certificates, cash, prizes, or bonuses. The optional decals include; Beyea Headers, Braswell Carburetion, Brinn Transmission, Dynamic Drivelines, Hooker Harness, I-80 Speedway, Keizer Wheels, MyRacePass, N&W Transfer, Out-Pace Racing Products, Penske Shocks, Performance Bodies, Real Wheels, Rod End Supply, Roth Racing, Sardeson Racing, Simpson Performance Products, Swartz Chassis, Wehrs Machine, and Zeitner and Sons Refrigerated Transport.

  • Beyea Headers: Year-end awards.
  • Braswell Carburetion: $50 Braswell Carburetion certificate to the 10th place finisher plus year-end award.
  • Brinn Transmission: $50 Brinn Transmission certificate to the 12th place finisher.
  • Dynamic Drivelines: $100 Dynamic Drivelines certificate to the hard luck award.
  • Hooker Harness: $50 Hooker Harness certificate to the 5th place feature finisher.
  • I-80 Speedway: Free pit pass to the winners of 4th, 5th, and 6th heat races.
  • Keizer Wheels: $50 Keizer Wheels certificate to the last driver to qualify through points.
  • MyRacePass: Data-base for driver profiles linked to fans/family for race line-ups and finishes.
  • N&W Transfer: Sponsor of the mobile heat race line-ups.
  • Out-Pace Racing Products: $50 Out-Pace Racing Products to the 7th place finisher.
  • Penske Shocks: Top three feature finishers, $50, $30, $25 Penske certificates towards parts or labor plus year-end award.
  • Performance Bodies: Year-end awards.
  • Real Wheels: 2 wheels to the highest A-Feature finisher in each I-80 MBSLMR race with at least 2 Real Wheels on their car. 2 wheels to the highest A-Feature points earner in the combined 3 I-80 MBSLMR races.
  • Rod End Supply: 30% off $100 order certificate to every driver to lead a lap in the A-Feature plus year-end award(s)
  • Roth Racing: $50 Roth Racing certificate to heat 3 winner.
  • Sardeson Racing: $50 Sardeson Racing certificate to the worst heat race pill draw or qualifying time of the night.
  • Simpson Performance Products: $50 Simpson Performance Products certificate to the 10th place feature finisher.
  • Swartz Chassis: Year-end award.
  • Wehrs Machine: $50 Wehrs Machine certificate to the pole sitter for the A-Feature.
  • Zeitner and Sons: Sponsor of the A-Feature winner’s trophy checks.
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